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Singer, songwriter, poet, composer. 
He started his artistic adventure in 2010 by writing poems and lyrics. Since childhood, he has been interested in music, history and sport, winning numerous awards. Patryk is interested in pop music, indie pop, pop-rock, as well as classical music and sung poetry, which finds its way into his work. 

In 2012 he took up vocal education, while already performing under the pseudonym VocaList.

In 2013, Patryk took part in the 19th edition of the National Festival of Religious Songs, where he won a distinction for his song "Tłumy serc" by Father Stefan Ceberek 

Then, at the same time, exploring his vocal knowledge, he founded the website "Wokalista12", where he shared his knowledge on voice emission. His website then won 3rd place in a competition of websites promoting music and artists. 

In 2014 he won the 4th place during the 4th edition of the Vocal Competition organised by the singing academy in Bydgoszcz, performing the song "Spełni się" by Tomasz Makowiecki, and in the next edition of the competition with the song of the group Enej "Rahela" Patryk took the 2nd place. Since then, he has already performed under his own name and surname.

In 2015, Patryk started working on his own music productions. Among others, songs such as "Budowa", "Woda i ogień" and "Kocham Cię" were created.

The following year, he composed a song called: 'Monowiara', which premiered in June 2016, on YouTube. 

In 2016, Patryk won an award in the National Festival of Religious Songs by presenting his own song entitled: "Dobrym być", for which the music was composed by Piotr Wróbel. In the Creative Songwriting Competition, he submitted his own text entitled: "Budowa", which was honoured with 1st place. 

In 2017 there was a breakthrough - Patryk recorded a song titled: "Odnalazłem Cię" / ("I found you"), which became a hit on the Internet. On YouTube, his song has reached over 29 thousand views. Thanks to the characteristic timbre of his voice and impressive lyrics, he won a lot of fans. To this day, this song remains a hallmark of his work, and "Odnalazłem Cię" is also the first song announcing his debut album. 

At the beginning of 2018, Patryk Singer performed on Tele5's TV show "Zostań gwiazdą" / (Become a Star). The singer presented his biggest hit, thanks to which he won the episode with the votes of the audience, beating the other performers. The same year he produced songs such as: "Zaufaj mi", "Jestem dla Ciebie", as well as a revamped version of "Kocham Cię."

In 2019, in addition to the sunny and romantic song titled: "Sen", Patrick recorded a video for his latest song titled: "Ty i Ja". The song as well as the music video are very popular on Facebook and YouTube. What is interesting is that special hashtags were created to promote the song, which is considered a proposal for the "hit of the summer".

In July of the same year, he took part in the Jubilee XXV edition of the National Festival of Religious Songs. There he presented a song from the repertoire of Father Stefan Ceberek. With his loud but very melodic voice he charmed all the listeners, thanks to which he won the third place.

Besides creating his own songs and recording covers, Patryk also focuses on sung poetry, an example of which is the song "Pamięć i Chwała" / ("Memory and Glory") recorded on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Poland's regaining independence. Patryk's song was broadcast during a live broadcast on YouTube on the channel of former Intelligence Agency colonel and special services officer Piotr Wroński.

In March 2020, he recorded a full-length music video for his song entitled: "Jestem dla Ciebie". He appeared there together with his beloved girlfriend AsineD. The duo created the song together to celebrate the 100th birthday of the Polish Pope Saint John Paul II.

In April of the same year, together with his girlfriend, also a youtuber, Denisa "AsineD" and Sylwia Rogowska, he took part in the Online Concert organised in reference to the #zostańwdomu campaign during Pandemic COVID-19.

At the end of June 2021, Patryk met with italo disco music legend Gazebo, for whom he performed his song "I like Chopin" in Italian.



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